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A strategic corporate communications agency based in Antwerp

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Your voice in the marketplace, shaping perceptions with every word. We're not just in Antwerp, we're wherever your story needs to be told.

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Excellence in every narrative. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures your message is not just heard, but deeply felt, vividly remembered, and cherished.

Unrivaled Expertise

Harnessing decades of strategic communication mastery, MMPRESS stands apart. We amplify your message, turning it into a powerful beacon in the market.

We are your navigators in the realm of strategic communication. Our craft goes beyond mere messaging, we sculpt narratives that resonate at the core of stakeholder identity. With MMPRESS, your brand’s voice doesn’t just speak: it echoes, driving engagement and forging champions in your wake.

Why we’re different

Reason One

Your results
Our beliefs

We believe communication must be purposeful and captivating, capturing stakeholders’ attention and driving action. By merging proven techniques with innovative ideas, we fuel real business growth.

We trust in the power of words to evoke emotions, connect, and ignite change, making your story irresistibly compelling.

We understand that effective communication stems from a profound grasp of your business and its environment. Immersing ourselves in your world, we devise strategies that mirror your distinctive outlook.

Reason Two

Your results
Our team

Our crafty team of communication geniuses thrive on challenge and relish in discovering new and exciting ways to bring your vision to reality.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence – from strategy and concept development all the way through to implementation & evaluation. We will ensure that every step is designed with precision and care.

We strive to deliver impactful solutions that exceed expectations, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.


Erika van Bogget

Founder & Managing Director of MMPRESS

For the past 15 years, Erika has excelled in crafting and implementing integrated communication strategies to address complex business challenges. She’s a trusted advisor to national and international companies, helping them define their brands, navigate crises, and claim competitive positions.

Erika’s expertise in corporate and crisis communications is recognized in the industry. She’s been referenced by Chambers & Partners Life Sciences Guide for her proficiency and co-authored the ‘Restructurings With or Without Redundancies’ guide for the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium, showcasing her knowledge and commitment.

As a certified M&A consultant, Erika bridges communication needs during business integrations, ensuring smooth transitions.

Before becoming Managing Director at ΣMPRESS, Erika gained experience at international communication firms like H+K Strategies and Ketchum. She was selected by Omnicom for an 18-month digital transformation program, earning the David Drobis Award at Ketchum for her dedication to client service.

Erika’s philosophy in corporate communication emphasizes “building bridges, not walls,” evident in her professional journey.

Restructuring with or without layoffs: A Practical Guide

Erika van Bogget, alongside her colleagues Liesbet Vandenplas and Christel Van Litsenborgh, has co-authored a pivotal resource titled “Restructuring with or without layoffs: A Practical Guide”. The book serves as a comprehensive manual for business leaders, providing them with invaluable insights on how to navigate the intricacies of restructuring. It delves into the strategic considerations necessary to execute restructurings ethically and effectively, with or without the difficult process of layoffs. For a deeper understanding of strategic corporate restructuring, get your copy today.

Interested in expert guidance for your company’s restructuring? Book a 30-minute consultation slot with Erika to gain insights and strategies tailored to your organizational needs. Take the first step towards a successful transformation today.

Restructuring with or without layoffs_Erika_van_bogget_MMPRESS

We can take your business to the next level

Just as the blind texts reside in Bookmarksgrove, separated yet connected, we understand that your business, too, has its unique intricacies. Our mission is to navigate this vast landscape, uncovering hidden opportunities, and ensuring you reach the shores of success.

Talk to us and together, we’ll script a story of triumph in the language of your brand.

“MMPRESS and Erika have been the linchpin in elevating our stakeholder communication, resonating with the market while reflecting our vision with compelling passion.”

Stijn De RanterManaging Director, Oengerengoeste / Theo Coertjens

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