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CALM MMPRESS's Approach to Issue and Crisis Management - Social

In the fast-paced world where companies are under constant scrutiny, the execution of an effective response to issues is of paramount importance. A misstep in issues and crisis management can lead to severe outcomes, including a damaged reputation, legal consequences, and a significant hit to financial performance. Despite the high stakes, organizations often struggle with their issues response due to challenges such as undefined roles, lack of procedures, insufficient resources, unprecedented scales of issues, and the complexities of managing narratives across various media channels.

This is where MMPRESS introduces a structured solution: CALM.


Centralize: Establishing Order Amid Chaos


In the midst of a crisis, information can become scattered and overwhelming. MMPRESS’s CALM strategy commences by centralizing information, utilizing a concise set of key questions to help organizations gain clarity on the situation, anticipate future developments, and comprehend the impact on stakeholders and business operations. Creating a chronological map of events and establishing an effective internal communication system ensures all team members are informed and synchronized with the latest updates.


Assess: Crafting a Targeted Stakeholder Strategy


During the Assessment phase, MMPRESS supports the development of a bespoke stakeholder engagement strategy. By pinpointing key messages for specific audiences and choosing the most effective channels for message delivery, the CALM strategy ensures that communications are precise and reach their intended targets. A detailed action plan, complete with content development responsibilities, validation checkpoints, and a timeline for outreach, lays the foundation for decisive action.


Listen: Monitoring Every Ripple for Real-time Responsiveness


A crisis is dynamic, changing with each interaction. Listening is therefore a critical component of the CALM approach. MMPRESS establishes continuous monitoring across all platforms, capturing feedback and communications. This vigilance allows for the agility to adapt strategies quickly, responding to new challenges or shifts in public sentiment as they occur.


Manage: Navigating the Narrative with Expert Precision


The final aspect of CALM involves the enactment of communication responses. MMPRESS’s team of content experts, available around the clock, is responsible for crafting statements, Q&As, social media posts, internal announcements, etc – and providing media guidance tailored to the crisis. Our communication specialists are also ready to support spokespersons, manage press inquiries, and act as media liaisons, ensuring that the company’s narrative remains consistent and controlled.


A Beacon Through the Crisis


With MMPRESS’s CALM, companies can confidently navigate corporate crises. Our approach not only aids in creating a strategic response plan but also in its timely execution. 

By centralizing data, assessing impacts, listening continuously, and managing communications with expertise, CALM turns potential chaos into a controlled, strategic response—preserving and protecting the company’s future.

Should your organization need to strengthen its crisis management protocols or seek expert guidance during a pressing issue, MMPRESS’s CALM approach is prepared to guide you through. We invite you to connect with us and discover how we can assist you in maintaining composure and clarity when it is most critical: ; +32(0) 496.680.910. 

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