How MMPRESS netted Investment for Fishway’s sustainable business


In a competitive investment landscape, Fishway, an innovative start-up specializing in sustainable and healthy fish production, faced challenges in attracting new investments due to difficulties in conveying the nuances of their sustainability practices and business model. To overcome this, Fishway engaged MMPRESS, a strategic communication firm, to refine and amplify their message. Through a collaborative effort, MMPRESS developed a multi-phased strategic communication approach, focusing on crafting a compelling narrative around Fishway’s sustainability efforts and business value proposition.

This partnership not only enhanced Fishway’s appeal to investors but also significantly increased their funding and media presence, underscoring the critical role of effective storytelling in securing investment for groundbreaking innovations.


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Stakeholder engagement workshop, Corporate positioning & Thought leadership


Fishway, a start-up and pioneer in sustainable and healthy fish, was looking to attract new investment to scale its operations. Despite their groundbreaking work, they struggled to effectively communicate the intricacies of their sustainability practices and business value proposition to potential investors.


MMPRESS partnered with Fishway to develop a strategic communication approach that would resonate with the investment community. Recognizing the need for a compelling core story, MMPRESS initiated a multi-phase approach:

1. Discovery and Immersion

  • Performed a workshop with the leadership team to understand Fishway’s sustainability practices, business model, and market positioning.

2. Story Development

  • Crafted a core narrative that distilled Fishway’s complex sustainability efforts into an engaging and persuasive story.
  • Emphasized the scalability and innovation of their aquaculture techniques, aligning Fishway’s environmental leadership with sound business strategy.

3. Visual and Content Creation

  • Developed a brochure, to illustrate Fishway’s business model and benefits vividly.
  • Prepared a FAQ document to arm Fishway’s leadership team with consistent information for investor and media discussions.


The communication approach resulted in successful funding rounds. With the core story as its communication backbone:

  • The company secured more funding than in previous investment drives.
  • The persuasive story was reflected in a surge of media attention for their sustainable practices.


This case illustrates the potency of strategic communication in bridging the gap between groundbreaking innovation and the investment necessary to bring such visions to global fruition. Through EMPRESS’ collaborative efforts, Fishway has not only secured its growth trajectory but has set a benchmark for storytelling as an indispensable tool in the start-up investment landscape.

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