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In a landmark campaign, MMPRESS teamed up with Amazon to make their debut holiday season in Belgium a spectacle of joy and commercial success. Tasked with elevating Amazon to a leading Share of Voice in the Belgian market, our agency combined insightful research, influencer engagement, and innovative PR strategies to captivate the nation.

From unveiling Belgians’ gifting habits amidst an economic downturn to hosting “The Amazon Giftfest,” this comprehensive approach not only positioned Amazon at the forefront of consumers’ minds but also set a new benchmark for holiday marketing campaigns.

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Harnessing the power of holiday cheer, our agency MMPRESS embarked on an exciting journey with Amazon to ensure their first holiday season in Belgium would be nothing short of extraordinary. Our mission? To catapult Amazon to the #2 Share of Voice position and captivate hearts and wallets. Let’s dive into the holiday magic we conjured and the results we achieved!


We crafted a multifaceted strategy that resonated with Belgian shoppers and media alike. Seamlessly harmonizing always-on tactics with a flagship PR and influencer campaign, we spread the joy of gifting:

1. In collaboration with the research institute “Profacts,” we unraveled the Belgian citizens’ gifting habits, discovering how the cost of living crisis impacted their choices and reactions to unwanted gifts. Armed with these insights, we crafted two press releases that found their way into the hearts of readers, generating 31 pieces of coverage in 81% of Amazon’s Top Media List, with a resounding 100% positive sentiment.

2. Summoning influencers, journalists, and stylists from every corner of Belgium, we orchestrated “The Amazon Giftfest,” an enchanting evening brimming with inspiration. Amazon’s Country Manager, Eva Faict, unveiled Amazon’s arrival in Belgium, while the trendwatcher Tom Palmaerts revealed the secrets of gifting. Guests embarked on a mesmerizing journey, discovering the 100 greatest, funniest, and most awkward gifts available on Adding to the delight, the Belgian designer Tom Schamp adorned attendees with personalized Christmas sweaters, transforming them into living embodiments of holiday cheer. The event witnessed a gathering of 21 media attendees, surpassing our KPI by 5%.

3. But the magic didn’t end there—our pre-event social media campaign, sprinkled with the captivating influence of macro influencers, resulted in a staggering 348% spike in Prime sign-ups, leaving a trail of 3.6 million total impressions and over 10,000 clicks to the website.

4. To amplify the enchantment of “The Amazon Giftfest,” we cast a spell upon TAGMAG, the media channel that speaks directly to Gen Z. Their captivating video content, infused with the spirit of Amazon, spread like wildfire across their TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter channels. The results were nothing short of extraordinary, surpassing campaign goals by over 500% in reach on TikTok and 485% on Instagram Stories. As the enchantment spread, Amazon’s Instagram channel experienced a 27% surge in followership, further cementing their digital presence.

5. Extending the excitement, we crafted seven gifting-focused media alerts that captured the attention of short-lead lifestyle media. Focusing on customer insights and trends, we revealed stories like “gifts as seen on TikTok” and “gender-neutral gifts for kids,” igniting curiosity and sparking an influx of information requests for coveted shopping guides. The magic continued as these efforts materialized into 45 clippings, with 98% appearing in Amazon’s cherished Top Media List. Each clipping seamlessly showcased at least one of our two key messages.

6. We also unveiled Amazon’s inaugural Black Friday, bringing forth a tidal wave of unbeatable deals from renowned brands and beloved Belgian small-medium businesses. Our press release swept through the spheres of tech and consumer media. Result? 18 clippings that increased Amazon’s visibility, surpassing our goal by a whopping 80%, and landing us firmly in Amazon’s Top Media List.

7. But that’s not all! Together with Elle België and Elle Belgique, we unveiled their ultimate shopping guide infused with the magnetism of We curated an exclusive competition, offering lucky readers the chance to win the desired book “Plant-Based Beauty: The Essential Guide to Detoxing Your Beauty Routine,” available exclusively on


Our collaboration with Amazon during their inaugural holiday season in Belgium proved to be a resounding success. Not only did we propel Amazon to the #1 share of voice position, but we also brought joy and inspiration to countless Belgians throughout the holiday season. The journey was marked by soaring sales, enchanted hearts, and a true sense of holiday magic.


This campaign stands as a testimonial to what can be achieved when creativity, insight, and the spirit of the holidays are expertly woven together, marking a bright beginning for Amazon’s journey in Belgium and setting a new standard for festive marketing excellence.

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